Letter to Sponsors for Glow in the Grove Fun Run Event

We are so excited to be planning towards our biggest fundraiser event in the fall on October 21 st called Glow in the Grove Fun Run at Cypress Grove Intermediate School! In order for this fundraising event to be successful, we need local businesses and families to help support our event by funding our participants t-shirts. T-shirts will be worn by all students and their family members that register and participate in the Glow in the Grove Fun Run. This is a glow in the dark 1 mile. 5 K run which will be
held in the evening in the community surrounding Cypress Grove in College Station. We estimate about 600 to 700 t-shirts will be printed and worn at this event and then again and again throughout the year at the school and in our community.

Please find more details on your options for sponsorships in the pdf file below. Thank you for supporting the Cypress Grove PTO!

Cypress Grove Sponsor Letter 2017-2018

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